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Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and School In Progress Addition

Last week, we traveled to Eagle River to check out an in-progress job. The Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and School had an old church that presented multiple problems; it did not meet the needs of the current congregation, there were accessibility issues, and it simply needed a lot of repairs. Our team of architects at Excel came up with a spatial solution that would solve each of these issues, a building addition.

The addition is fully accessible and gives the congregation new worship and gathering spaces, all for a very economical cost. The new sanctuary seats up to 250 people and the bible study room can host up to 80 people.

While the project presented a challenge in connecting the addition to the existing building, our team was able to find a way to not only attach the building but make it look complementary to the existing school building.

More Info on Excel's Church Design Services: https://bit.ly/ExcelChurchDesign

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