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HVAC Designer

Description: An HVAC Designer should be should be able to develop the project design and prepare HVAC construction documents. Candidate should be proficient with CAD and Revit, comfortable with code research, able to communicate with clients, and coordinate the work of CAD technicians.

Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree – Architectural Engineering (HVAC emphasis) is desirable, a two year Associate Degree is required.

Experience: Minimum of 8 years including relevant education.

Senior Living Design / Project Leader

Description: This individual will possess the ability to create quality design solutions and coordinate design interface between all engineering disciplines. This individual will also have a complete understanding of building codes, contract documents, architectural drawings and construction practices. The Candidate shall also have solid client communication skills, scheduling skills and ability to coordinate work of the design staff. Having ability in Revit would be beneficial.

Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or Engineering is required, along with registration as an Architect.

Experience: minimum of 7 years

Architectural Cad / Revit Technician

A Technician should be capable of reading architectural/engineering drawings and have an entry level understanding of construction practices, and applicable building codes and the implications of those codes. A Technician should have some experience with Revit and related software.

Requirements: Associate’s degree is desired. Some experience with CAD and Revit is desired.

Experience: 0 to 3 years

Food & Dairy Facility Design / Project Manager

Description: Individual has the ability to maintain an existing client base and the business development skills necessary to procure new clients. Individual will have advanced design abilities and code knowledge and is solely responsible for all aspects of a project. This individual will possess the ability to coordinate design issues between different engineering disciplines. This individual will also have a complete understanding of contract documents, architectural drawings and construction practices.

Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or Engineering is desirable. The applicable license is required.

Experience: minimum of 10 years.

Career Opportunities

Cad / Revit Technician

A CAD / Revit Technician should be very proficient with the use of Excel's chosen CAD and Revit related software. This individual should also have an excellent understanding of drawings, construction, codes and the ability to prepare a complete set of construction documents with minimal guidance. Occasionally, this individual will do field measuring and attend project meetings.


A designer has advanced ability in preparation of construction documents. This advanced ability includes the areas of design, code knowledge, construction documents and construction practices. This individual will be the primary person in charge of preparation of construction documents for large and complicated projects and will oversee and coordinate the work of technicians or a designer may also be an individual who has obtained a Designer's license from the Department of Commerce for design of plumbing or HVAC systems.


An Architect needs the ability to develop a program, develop the project design, and then prepare a set of construction documents. An Architect needs to understand codes, their application, construction, and architectural drawings. While largely a production position, the Architect will have occasional client contact and must further coordinate technicians.


An Engineer will have an understanding of engineering principles and codes. This individual must have the ability to use computer software for analysis and selection. The majority of the time is spent in the office providing engineering. Occasionally, this individual will go to job sites and attend project meetings.

Project Manager

A Project Manager is solely responsible for all aspects of a project including its schedule and profitability. As a "Leader", the Project Manager must be an organized individual who can acquire, coordinate and manage several projects and individuals at one time. The Project Manager must understand contracts, contract documents, plans/specifications, construction and what is expected of staff. The Project Manager will stamp drawings being submitted to state and have a good understanding of state codes. This position requires travel, meetings with clients, and observing construction.


A Surveyor should have good land division design, creativity and a good understanding of applicable codes. Understanding of subdivisions, plats, certified survey maps and property surveys is essential. The Surveyor will stamp all drawings, legal descriptions and plats for certification. This position will also require communication and contact with clients. This person will oversee and coordinate the work of the survey crews and assistant surveyors

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