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Always a Better Plan

Always a Better Plan


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Project Expertise - Industrial & Transportation Facilities

Did you know Excel offers industrial & transportation design for our clients? Registered in 50 U.S. States and 6 Canadian Provinces, our Industrial Facilities design team offers expertise in the design of Vehicle Maintenance & Storage, Tool & Die, Packaging, Warehousing & Distribution, Chemical & Flammable Liquid Storage, Aviation Hangars, Parts Storage & Recycling, Cranes & Automated Lifting Devices, Painting & Welding Booths, Assembly, Fabrication, Foundry & Clean Room facilities. Learn more about our industrial & transportation facilities project expertise here:


Project Expertise - Food Processing Facilities

Did you know Excel has over 30+ years of food industry design experience? Registered in 50 U.S. States and 6 Canadian Provinces, our food facilities team has extensive experience in the design of dairy, red meat, bakery, beverage, probiotics, poultry, confectionery, seasoning, snack food, ingredient, vegetable, ready-to-eat, and cold storage and distribution facilities. 


We're Hiring - BIM Technician

We’re Hiring! Excel is looking for a BIM Technician to join our Cold Formed Steel Design team. A BIM Technician’s responsibilities are to perform 3D modeling and 2D drafting tasks for a fast growing BIM Services group within Excel Engineering’s Cold-formed Steel Design Department. The position entails working closely with Project Managers, Engineers, and Designers to create professional and accurate BIM models, layout drawings, framing elevations, and/or panel drawing packages.


New Employee - Kelly Koenigs

Welcome to new employee, Kelly Koenigs!


Halloween at Excel

Last week we celebrated a few tricks and a lot of treats – another fun Halloween at Excel!

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