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Work From Home Spotlight - Tim

What #WFH looks like for Tim:

"Working in my basement office/guest bedroom on multiple food projects including a Pea Protein Plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and a Cheese Powder Drying facility in MN. I am lucky as our 5-year-old Granddaughter is kept busy by her Nana (Jenny) upstairs allowing me to focus on the multitude of conference calls that fill a day. I get to be on homework duty at lunchtime and when the day is done. Our Process group is also fortunate to have been using Microsoft Teams for about 3 years so we have not really missed a step working from home – although it will be good to get back in the office when we return!"

Tim is a Principal and head of our Process Department and this is his #workfromhomelife.

Learn more about our Process design services and projects here: https://www.excelengineer.com/process-engineering-services

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