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3 Ways We Encourage Growth at Excel

Want to join a team that encourages and values employee growth?

Here are 3 Ways We Encourage Growth at Excel:

1. Internships
We don't hire interns to do the grunt work. From day one in their internship, our interns are doing productive billable work alongside our full-time employees. We invest our time in our interns to teach them and guide them in their professional development, as it is our intent they will grow into a full-time position at Excel upon graduation.

2. Mentor Program
Entry-level employees at Excel are enrolled in our mentorship program. Within each department, we have 1-2 mentors that are both skilled and enthusiastic about teaching. A mentor teaches their new hire on Excel workflow, methods, and standards and acts as an excellent resource for their mentee. The new hire works with their mentor and is assigned increasingly difficult tasks until their graduate out of the program.

3. Promote from Within
Employees, that are hungry to learn and take on new tasks are rewarded through promotions. ?We believe that the best person for the job is already in our building. So instead of looking for outside hires, we first look to see who within our team is ready to take on new levels of responsibility.?

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