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Intern to Full-Time Spotlight: Luis Ylizaliturri

One of the goals of our internship program is to train and develop Excel’s next generation of architects, engineers, and surveyors. It is invaluable to our company to invest our time and knowledge into our interns, and work side by side with them as they take on real projects. Over the next few weeks, Excel will spotlight a few of our interns who recently accepted full-time positions here at Excel.


First Up is Luis Ylizaliturri


Luis, an Architecture Major at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, began his internship with Excel in January of 2022 in our Food Facilities group. Luis described his internship experience as "extremely eye-opening". He had the best time learning problem-solving skills from his team and is continuing to do so in his full-time employment. The one thing he appreciated the most was the understanding and compassion from his team both towards him and others. Patience is the number one thing Luis will take away as he moves into his full-time position.


Luis's advice to Excel's current interns:

"Keep your eyes open. There is always something to fix, something to make better. GET AS MUCH FEEDBACK AS YOU CAN, having your team redline your work is probably the best learning experience. Do not take anything personally, everyone will experience some stress, take it easy on yourself and ask questions."


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