Top Tier Ingredients LLC


Top Tier Ingredients LLC's new potato flaking facility is located in Hancock, WI. The product produced at the plant will be used as an ingredient in the food industry. Our Food Facility team provided the architecture and engineering for the 50,183 sq. ft. building. 
The primary goal of the project was to develop the site and building programming for Pavelski's new business venture. This project presented a unique challenge, as our team was tasked with designing the building while the process line design was still ongoing. We successfully overcame this by relying on our experience, asking a lot of questions, and verifying the information as it was received. 
Additional challenges included planning a temporary electrical system and specifying long-lead items in a timely fashion to ensure that construction was completed on time. The final design included a receiving drive-through, holding tanks, a wet potato processing area, a dry potato processing area, dry storage, a flake warehouse, and a shipping area.



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