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We are experts in food processing facility and sanitary design. This expertise translates into designs that optimize both process efficiency and food safety in each facility. Through many successful projects, Excel has developed a reputation as the leading, single-source design firm for the food processing industry.



Excel offers comprehensive in-house solutions for process and facility engineering. When we undertake a project, our first step is to closely engage with the client, gaining a deep understanding of their current needs and future aspirations. We understand that each project is unique, and we pride ourselves on our ability to listen and provide clients with an individualized solution. 

Process Engineering




The purpose of a master plan is to outline the framework for this project and future projects. This is critical because it looks at every aspect of the current project while also building a 5, 10, and 20-year vision for future facility growth and development. 
• Site selection & analysis 
• Modular line sizing for flexibility 
• Mass balance to account for required raw & finished goods capacity 
• Inclusion of anticipated trucking traffic 
• Programming spaces with building blocks 
• Ability to expand utilities efficiently for anticipated growth 
• Documentation of existing conditions/laser scanning for coordination 
• Welfare facilities for current & future staffing needs 
• Outlining sustainability objectives 
• Establishing a target budget & schedule



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