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We recognize the significance of a home, as it serves as a place of comfort and security. This responsibility weighs heavily on us. 
Our team has extensive experience in the housing market, as we design everything from affordable apartment complexes and townhouses to high-rise mixed-use buildings and entirely new subdivisions. No matter the project, Excel blends the needs of our clients and the surrounding community to create designs that are not only practical and welcoming but also financially sustainable. 



Excel brings a holistic approach to housing development. Our housing team is a dedicated group of architects and engineers who bring expertise and passion to every project. They work closely with you at every stage of the journey, from the preliminary phases of civil engineering and surveying to architectural planning and engineering. This collaboration continues seamlessly through the various stages of development, including the oversight of construction administration. The end result is a project that delivers on the client's budget, timeline, and vision.

Subdivision Design


Our architects bring artistic vision and precision to multi-family housing design, ensuring that each project aligns with the client's aspirations and the needs of the community.



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