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Veterans Day - We Remember

Today, and everyday, we extend our sincere gratitude to the individuals who have served our country - Happy Veterans, Day!

We also want to share this photo of two vets in the Excel family, Mike and Andy, who participate each year in the HOOAH Annual Suicide Awareness Ruck March walk in Green Bay. The event went virtual this year, but Excel was still able to display one of the boots of a fallen veteran. These boots are typically placed at the event, and we were honored to have the boot of SGT Christopher Surdyk who lost his battle. We remember Christopher and the ultimate sacrifice he made for our country.

The annual Ruck March consists of a 20 mile march, and many of the participants carry a rucksack or backpack that weights 20lbs in remembrance of the 20 Veterans that complete suicide each and every day.

We are very proud of our veterans and thank these individuals for participating in and raising awareness for such a great event!

#veteransday #hooah #ruckmarch #thankyouforyourservice

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