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We make your vision a reality.

With a track record of delivering exceptional results, we offer a comprehensive range of professional services, seamlessly blending architectural creativity and engineering precision. Regardless of what size or type of project you are investing in, the Excel team will fully understand your goals, provide a rewarding planning process, and expertly guide you through a detailed design process to bring your vision to life.


Excel is an expert in food processing design and facility engineering. Our passion for the industry stems from the remarkable people we work with, the products we encounter, and the unique projects we undertake.


Excel produces designs that prioritize efficient workflows, safety, and the integration of cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to enhance the processes within a building through intentional design.


Our team is dedicated to supporting the growth of your ministry. As your trusted partner, we will carefully guide you through every step of the design process to create a project that serves your mission.


Excel designs spaces that create desirable and engaging guest experiences. We immerse ourselves in your world to develop designs that will build continued customer loyalty and client value.


Our team has extensive experience in the housing market, as we design everything from affordable apartment complexes and townhouses to high-rise mixed-use buildings and new subdivisions.


Designing corporate buildings is an art, requiring a careful balance of aesthetics and functionality. Our team is passionate about creating spaces that are functional, inviting, and representative of your brand.


Excel designs spaces that are memorable and engaging. Our team collaborates with you to understand your business, and then creates a design that caters to the needs and desires of your guests.


Excel has completed projects with an array of public and private schools. We realize the importance of listening to the school leaders, understanding their needs, and designing within the budget.


Designing government facilities is a purpose-driven endeavor. Excel recognizes and drives the profound impact these buildings have on the function of public services and the well-being of communities.



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