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We help you support your community. Whether it's a new building or a renovation, a county garage or a library, we understand the importance a government project carries. Our goal is to support you by providing a design solution that adheres to the budget, enhances the overall functionality of the local government, and gives your community a sense of pride and ownership.



Every project starts with you. Our first step together is to share information and develop a firm understanding of your vision and goals, while also exploring how the building will be used, both now and in the future. 
After finalizing the concepts, our team provides construction budgets and timelines to guide the project decisions. Together, we also evaluate the pros and cons of each scheme, taking into account energy consumption and sustainability for each solution. 
Through this approach, our team not only provides you with necessary spatial solutions but also creates a seamless experience for you and your community.

Civil Engineering


The relationship we form with your team is a dynamic and essential partnership. It begins with a deep exploration of your needs and objectives. Then we move on to analyze space utilization, workflow, and employee engagement to inform the design concept. 
• Master Planning 
• Programming 
• Due diligence 
• Feasibility analysis 
• Identifying wants and needs 
• Stakeholder meetings 
• Determining the client’s spatial requirements 
• Site analysis and selection 
• Interactive design meetings 
• Preparing floor plans, elevations, and sections 
• Scheduling and setting a target budget



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