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Our team boasts a wealth of experience in designing corporate buildings that spans decades. With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces, our architects and engineers have honed their expertise in creating environments that align with diverse corporate cultures and requirements. Excel consistently delivers innovative corporate spaces that enhance productivity, employee satisfaction, and organizational success.



At Excel, we kick off the design process by establishing a deep understanding of you and your business. While we bring expertise in design and construction administration, we recognize that you are the true expert in your field. Together, we work collaboratively to pinpoint existing challenges, determine essential needs, explore desirable features, and set our sights on future objectives. With this valuable insight, Excel then proceeds to assess design possibilities within the project's defined scope and timeline.



The relationship we form with your team is a dynamic and essential partnership. It begins with a deep exploration of your needs, objectives, and aspirations. We then analyze space utilization, workflow, and employee engagement to inform the design concept.  
• Master Planning 
• Programming 
• Due diligence 
• Feasibility 
• Identify wants and needs 
• Stakeholder meetings 
• Determine the client’s spatial requirements 
• Site analysis and selection  
• Interactive design meetings 
• Prepare floor plans, elevations, sections 
• Schedule and target budget



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