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Our team brings a wealth of experience to church design, having provided professional services for over 75 WELS congregations and well over 100 Christian congregations. 
We are firm believers in the transformative power of design to ignite joy and inspire congregations, enabling us to craft spaces of deep meaning for our clients and their communities. Our team recognizes that not everyone is well-versed in the complexities of renovation and construction planning, and that's where we step in. Excel takes pride in streamlining the building process for you, all while providing the essential spatial solutions you require. 



The first step in each of our projects is to work alongside you to learn more about your church's ministry. Our goal is to get to know how the ministry has so far evolved and how it will continue to grow into the future. We then take our learnings from this discovery phase and form a building design that reflects the ministry's needs.

Project Renderings


We design buildings to suit the individual needs of your church. Our team involves and educates the client as we progress through each step in the design phases. 
• Master Planning 
• Programming 
• Due diligence 
• Feasibility 
• Identifying wants and needs 
• Stakeholder meetings 
• Determining the client’s spatial requirements 
• Site analysis and selection to accommodate the project 
• Interactive design meetings 
• Preparing floor plans, elevations, sections 
• Establishing a schedule and target budget



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