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Fox Valley Metrology

Two of the things Excel prides itself on the most are client relationships and successful projects. The two combined lead to a trusted bond with clients in which Excel earns repeat business and referrals.

Our relationship with Fox Valley Metrology is an example of how we earn repeat business through proven performance. In 2018, Excel successfully developed the entire Fox Valley Metrology facility in Oshkosh, WI. The completion of the project led to another location in 2020 in Stacy, MN.

The project in Stacy, MN (as shown in the photos) involved a renovation and an addition to Fox Valley Metrology's current building. We applied the brand standards and finishes that we developed in the Oshkosh facility to transform the building. The project also required that we meet certain specifications for anti-static and humidity control due to the machinery work that Fox Valley Metrology completes.

For this project, we provided Architectural, Structural, MEP, Interior Design, Civil, and Survey Services. Over the next few years, we're looking forward to working on several more projects with Fox Valley Metrology.

Learn More About Excel: https://bit.ly/excelengineering

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