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Structural Engineering at Excel

What does a Structural Engineer do at Excel?

At Excel, a Structural Engineer is responsible for analyzing, designing, and detailing the structural systems required to support a building. Utilizing statics, mechanics, dynamics, material sciences, and governing codes, a Structural Engineer calculates the loads (Dead, Live, Snow, Rain, Wind, Seismic, Equipment) that will be applied to a structure and determines how to efficiently support them. A Structural Engineer at Excel works directly with our clients, and internal Architects, Civil Engineers, MEP Designers, and the construction team to effectively meet the client's goals and ensure the life safety of all building users.

Our engineers are well-versed in a variety of project types and construction materials. All across the country and Canada, we engineer buildings for Churches, Municipal Buildings, Food Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Quick Service Restaurants, Retail, Multifamily, Schools, and more. If you want to work on a multitude of building types with a multitude of structural materials, Excel’s structural department is the place for you to start your journey. At Excel, structural engineers aim to provide better plans by mixing creative problem-solving with a wealth of industry knowledge.

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